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2-3 Days X6-Electromod (HP-X6EM-E71-SYS)

X6-Electromod [Full Systems HP-X6EM-E71-SYS]

The HALLON Power© X6-ElectroMod is a complete power solution for the BMW X6 series (E71 model).


The X6-Electromod is a power generator for the BMW X6 (E71 model) which is permanently installed, out of sight, in the trunk floor compartment of the car. Almost all functions of this power generator are controlled from a System Control Panel which is installed in the Right Flap of the trunk, seamlessly blending in with the rest of the car’s interior.

The X6-Electromod provides you, the owner, with up to 2KWh* of electrical power (AC and DC) at all times, wherever you may go, regardless of the car being turned on or off. With 2 DC cigarette lighter outlets, 1 DC Powerpole outlet and 1 AC mains outlet you have every option available to power any electrical equipment you may have, like battery chargers, power tools, kettles or television sets. Furthermore, all outlets are metered so you do not lose count of what is left in your batteries.

It protects your main alternator battery from getting discharged by isolating it from the service battery bank while the car is turned off and charges all batteries from the car’s alternator while the car is running. Additionally, the system allows charging from a mains outlet and from solar panels while metering this energy to help you calculate what power is left in the batteries. All of the above functionality can be taking place concurrently without any user intervention.

In addition the system constantly monitors the service battery bank for ‘state of charge’ warning you if necessary to take appropriate action. This programmable module can also display in digital numeric form, the voltages for both battery banks. A separate analogue voltage gauge constantly shows the voltage of the main battery.

The system’s control panel can be illuminated by LEDs installed inside the flap’s handle, with the flick of a switch. The whole trunk floor compartment can also be automatically illuminated whenever the trunk floor door is raised, with an optional add-on.

Lastly, the X6-Electromod can save you from the inconvenience of a flat battery by providing you with ‘Parallel Mode’ functionality. In this mode, both battery banks are joined together allowing the main battery to receive power from the service bank batteries. Therefore when your main battery fails, the service battery bank can be utilized to unlock the car and start it, saving you time, money and from a very sticky situation! Manual ‘Parallel Mode’ comes as standard with the system, however the wireless remote control capability for this mode is available as an added extra.

* ≈2KWh of power are available in the demo system which includes 2x 80Ah batteries for a total of 12Vx2x80Ah=1,920Wh. Even though technically available, deep cycle battery manufacturers never recommended to totally discharge these batteries in order to sustain their longevity. To get the best cycle life, the average depth of discharge should be as low as possible.  HallonPower recommends the average depth of discharge to be no greater than 50% of the battery’s 20 hour rating.

The X6-Electromod is a solution and not a product!

Even so, since many of its parameters have been normalized and standardized, various products and services have been invented by HallonPower to aid in the construction of this solution! These products include several panels and cables supplied exclusively by us.

As such, the X6-Electromod can be more specifically referred to as a kit, designed to solve a particular problem… ergo the solution.
So what is the problem it tries to solve?

Green Power On The Go! …and it does just that, in style!

Parts included in the package:

This package, contains:

It does not include any Power Management modules!
It does not include any Batteries!
It does not include a Power Inverter!
It does not include any Solar Panels!

Power Management modules, Batteries and a Power Inverter are essential for the operation of the system.
To fully implement the system, these aforementioned items must be purchased separately. Solar panels however are not essential for the operation of the system and are thus optional.

Then all you have to do is put it all together and have fun using your X6-Electromod!

(HallonPower recommends that the installation be performed by a qualified vehicle electrician. Incorrect installation of the solution may damage the components and lead to serious accidents or even the loss of life. Even though the installation procedure is simple and could be performed personally by yourself, doing so will invalidate your warranty and is undertaken solely at your own risk.)

Take a look at our installation video which will guide you through this process.

Full implementation key features:

  • 160Ah Dual Battery Service Bank.
  • 4x28W 15.4V 1.8A Flexible Rollable Solar Panels with daisychain.
  • Emergency Remotely Activated Battery Bridging (*with wireless capability option).
  • Dual 360W 12VDC (always ON), outputs (metered).
  • 1x540W (12VDC@45Amax) (always ON), output from SCP base (metered).
  • 300W DC/Solar Power (23V max.), input (metered).
  • 240VAC Dual Battery Bank Recharging & Reconditioning (metered).
  • 14.4VDC Intelligent Dual Battery Bank Recharging from the Alternator.
  • Dual Battery Voltage Monitoring.
  • Microprocessor controlled Service Battery Bank Capacity Monitoring.
  • I/O accumulation monitoring, metering and resetting.
  • LED illuminated System Control Panel (SCP).
  • Compact solution taking up minimal luggage space.
  • Safe design and implementation.
  • Industry leading, long lasting and marine grade components.
  • 5 year Battery warranty.
  • 2~5 year Battery Management warranty.

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