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About Us

HLLON - from the Greek word ἄλλος < indoeuropean (root) *h₂élyos, (Κλιτικό Αρχαίας), Αρχική - Ριζική: άλλος < αρχ. ἄλλος, meaning: alternative (adj.) 1580s, "offering one or the other of two," from Medieval Latin alternativus, from Latin alternatus, past participle of alternare (see alternate (v.)). Meaning "purporting to be a superior choice to what is in general use" was current by 1970 (earliest reference is to the media). Alternative energy is from 1975.


Founded in 2016, HallonPower is pioneering a niche market worldwide, in the design and manufacture of hardware, devices and solutions, as well as providing services, that help people achieve electrical power freedom.

Our mission is to empower the individual and the family with green, clean, renewable, power anytime and everywhere they may go.

We are located in Nicosia, on the sunny island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, part of the European Union. The hot sunny climate all year round is perfect for developing solar applications.

Being strategically positioned from a global perspective, we can easily design, develop, and bringing to fruition custom power solutions such as the X6-electromod.


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