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Ordering Information

You may place orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our commitment to a fast and secure checkout has led us to employ possibly the fastest single page checkout process available today. If you already have an account with us, all your data is filled in automatically, making checking-out a breeze!

How do I place an order?

Find the products you like from our store and add them to your shopping basket.

Then, by clicking the checkout button, we will redirect you to the checkout page.


Step 1: Log in
If this is your first time placing an order, you will need to provide us with some of your information.
You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Login via one of the available social plugins (e.g. Facebook) using your username and password.
  2. Create an account with us by filling in the necessary fields on the checkout page.
  3. Login via one of the available social plugins & at the same time, create an account with us.
  4. Guest checkout. We will not create an account for you.
    If you decide to order again, you will have to enter your personal details a second time.

Please check that you enter your email address correctly as we will send you important information and notifications about your order via email.

If you have already an account with us, simply log in using your email address and your password. Your stored information will automatically fill in the necessary fields.


Step 2: Delivery
Select the delivery method of your choice from the options available.
You can also choose a delivery date and time by clicking on the 'delivery date' field.


Step 3: Payment Method
Choose from several payment methods like 'Cash on Delivery', PayPal and others.


Step 4: Coupons & Gift Vouchers & Comments
If you hold a valid Coupon or Gif Voucher, click on the appropriate section at the bottom of the checkout page and enter the code.You will notice the deduction to your grand total in the next page (or by visiting the 'shopping cart' page).

You can also add comments to go with your order by filling in the comments field. If you have time, answer any survey questions if appropriate.


Step 5: Confirmation
You must remember to place a check inside the 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions' checkbox after becoming familiar with these terms. When you click 'Continue' you will be taken to the confirmation page. Check your order carefully on this last page, including the products, tax and delivery cost. You can always click the 'back' button to modify anything you like. If you need to modify product quantities, you must go to your shopping cart.

When you are satisfied with everything, just click the 'Confirm Order' button. After clicking this button, your order is placed and cannot be modified further. You will receive a confirmation email containing all details of your order. If you have an account with us you will also be able to view all your order details online, reorder a previous order, initiate a return and much more.


I can’t add items to my cart. I can't change language or currency. Why?

Our online ordering process requires 'session cookies' for basic functionality. If your browser is rejecting our session cookies you will not be able to use our website effectively. Try ordering again after you change your browser's privacy settings. Please remember that you always place an order by telephone.

Can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order online. If you would like to cancel an order please contact us by telephone as soon as possible.

When will my order be shipped?

If the products you ordered are in stock, your order will be shipped either the same day or the next day depending on when you place your order.

My order has been shipped but I haven’t received it. Why?

Firstly please make sure you entered the correct delivery address. You can do this by checking the shipping address in the email confirmation we sent you or by logging into your account and checking the order details.

If you have provided a delivery date and time we will attempt to deliver as close to that date/time as possible. Check your mail box in case the carrier has already attempted to make delivery and may have left you a delivery slip with a new delivery date or a collection address.

If none of the above helps you can always contact us via email or telephone.

How can I return a product under the manufacturer's warranty?

If you do not have an account with us, you should contact us via email or telephone so that we can help you with the return.

If however, you have an account with us, you can login and navigate to your account details. There, you should look in your order history and view the relevant order which shows all products concerned. Each product has a 'return' button which allows you to fill in a form which will be sent to us via the system. Once we’ve received and checked your completed returns form, you’ll be sent a notification email explaining how to go about returning your product.

Please note that products must be returned in full and in their original condition (with packaging, accessories, instructions etc.). We recommend that you send your parcel via recorded delivery and request for it to be signed for on delivery to avoid unnecessary problems with delivery.

When we receive the product and depending on the circumstances of your case, we will either send you a replacement or issue you with a credit note which you can use to purchase something else from our store.


We strive to make your shopping experience as quick and easy as possible. This is why we employ the latest technology available in our search engine and our category and product displays.

Can I find a product quickly? How?

Our excellent search engine will help you find any product you want. Simply type its name or any other information into the search box and watch the results appear as you type.

Another way is to choose from the relevant product categories in the top-level menu and drill-down to the range of products that interest you.

What details do you provide about each product?

Each specification sheet features the brand name, the product category, the product code, availability, the current price, a description of the product's main functions and uses as well as a number of images and/or videos showing the actual product.

For some items, you will also find a customer reviews and various related products.

I can’t find the product I want to buy. Why?

Please check you have entered the right product name with the correct spelling in our search engine. Also try searching for the brand name or product code if you have this information. If more than one result is returned in the drop-down search results, click on 'View all results', to see all the products found.

I can't decide between several similar products. Can you help me decide?

You can try using our product comparison feature by adding the products you’re interested in to the comparison and then clicking on the 'product compare' button. On the product comparison page you can see the products you have added and their features side-by-side to help you decide.
You can also read up on the reviews available on each product and see what other people say about them.

I require more information about a product. What should I do?

We have tried to supply as much information as possible directly from our suppliers. If you require further details you can try the manufacturer’s website or contacting them directly.

Price & Availability

We always try to find for you the lowest prices on the market for the products you need.

What happens if the price of a product is reduced after I buy it?

As is the case when the price of a product goes up after your purchase, we cannot ask you to pay an additional amount, and in compliance with current commercial law, if the price of a product goes down after your purchase, you may not be refunded the difference in price under any circumstances.

What happens if the product I ordered is currently not in stock?

We are committed to do our best to ship your orders as quickly as possible. If a product is in stock, it will be shipped to you within 24 hours after your order has been confirmed. However, if a product is not in stock, we will give you an estimated shipping date after we confirm your order. As this date/time depends solely on our suppliers it can sometimes be delayed.

What happens if the product I ordered has been discontinued?

We will inform you via email that the particular product you have ordered is unavailable. You can either exchange for another similar product or you can choose to be refunded the difference.

When are ordered products reserved?

We reserve each product in your order as soon as your order is confirmed.

How do I apply a discount code?

Discount codes are alpha-numeric codes which allow you a certain discount with our website. You can find these discount codes in the press, on partner sites or on social media. A few things to remember about discount codes:

  • They apply only to the product price and not on any other order charges like tax and shipping.
  • They are non-refundable.
  • They may not be used cumulatively.
  • They usually have an expiry date and a validity period.
  • They may be used only once by any one person usually.
  • If an order that used a discount code is cancelled, it cannot be reused in a new order.

You will find a range of payment methods on the checkout page including PayPal.

How can I pay with a credit or debit card?

The easiest way to pay with your credit or debit card is by using PayPal as your payment method at checkout. We do not retain any of your personal financial or card details because you enter these details on the PayPal website which provides all the necessary security features to safeguard these, such as secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted pages which ensures the full confidentiality of any information you enter.

When you see the padlock sign in your address bar, this signifies that your transaction is secured via SSL technology and is therefore safe and not exposed to theft or piracy. It also means that your payment information is encrypted from the moment you enter it on your computer, to the moment it is received by the receiving server.

In addition to PayPal, and for your own convenience, we may offer you various other secure third-party payment gateways we may partner with for the purpose of credit or debit card payments. Look for these in the 'payment methods' section in the checkout page.

What should I do if my credit card is refused?

There are a few reasons why your credit card payment didn’t go through. The process for accepting credit cards payments is rigorous. This helps prevent people from paying for things with stolen or unauthorized cards. The screening process is complex and, on rare occasions, it will impact valid cards.

If you know your card is valid but your payment still doesn’t go through, please double-check the card details, entering them again carefully and checking that your card’s expiry date is still valid for use. If you still get declined, we suggest that you try another credit card or try your transaction again later. You can also try calling your bank and asking them the reason why the transaction failed. Most of the times it will be a problem with your bank declining the transaction for various reasons such as daily or monthly spending limitations.

What other payment methods do you provide?

Another option is to open a PayPal account and link your bank account or credit card with PayPal. To start, just go to the PayPal website, click 'Sign Up' at the top of the page and follow the relevant section.

For your convenience, we may offer you various other secure third-party payment gateways we may partner with for the purpose of credit or debit card payments. Look for these in the 'payment methods' section in the checkout page.

Additionally we provide you with the option to pay by 'cash on delivery'.

What happens when you receive my payment?

When your payment is received, your order will be processed; the products will be picked, then packed and finally shipped to the destination address. However, if a product is not in stock, we will give you an estimated shipping date after we confirm your order. As this date/time depends solely on our suppliers it can sometimes be delayed.


On the checkout page you will also find a range of delivery methods.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the world.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times depend on the carrier and type of delivery selected.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges depend on your cart total and destination address.

Some orders qualify for free shipping. The minimum cart total to qualify for 'free delivery' is specified on our home page.

You can always check your delivery charges by visiting your shopping cart and entering a destination address to get a shipping estimate before you buy.

Cancelling or Changing my Order

Your order can be changed only if it has not yet been processed and of course before shipping.

How can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order online. If you would like to cancel an order please contact us by telephone as soon as possible.

Can I cancel only a part of my order?

You cannot cancel part of your order online. If you would like to cancel part of an order please contact us by telephone as soon as possible.

How can I change my order?

You cannot change any part of your order online. If you would like to change anything about your order please contact us by telephone as soon as possible.

Order Confirmation

We will always send you a confirmation email with every order you place with us. Your order then enters the processing stage and depending on the payment method chosen, is prepared for shipping.

I did not receive an email confirming my order. Why?

An email confirmation is always sent by the system automatically after your order is placed. If you do not receive an email, please login to your account and check that your email address is correct in the 'Edit your account information' section. Also check that our email did not end up in the 'spam' area of your inbox. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, email may take various amounts of time to reach your inbox. In any case, you can check whether your order was placed successfully by logging into your account on our website and checking the 'order history' section.

Why is the status of my order still 'Pending'?

If your order is still 'Pending' 24 hours after placing it, please contact us by telephone as soon as possible.