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Sinergex Technologies CR-6 Remote New

Sinergex Technologies CR-6 Remote

Remote control unit for the Sinergex PureSine Inverters.This is required to be installed on the X6-E..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Sinergex Technologies PureSine 1500

The PureSine 1500W power inverter series is a member of the most advanced line of mobile AC pow..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

X6-Electromod 2-3 Days
The HALLON Power© X6-ElectroMod is a complete power solution for the BMW X6 series (E71 model). ..
Ex Tax: 2,860.00€
The SCP is the pride and joy of the system as it is stands prominent in the trunk of the car, wherea..
Ex Tax: 1,392.00€
Trunk floor compartment auto-illumination module (optional add-on) New
This add-on consists of 2 cables that connect to the Internal DC Out (via Powerpole) and allow the ..
Ex Tax: 52.00€
Wireless ‘Parallel Mode’ module (optional add-on) New
This add-on consists of a wireless receiver and a wireless remote control unit. When installed insi..
Ex Tax: 60.00€
System Panel Complete (unassembled) 2-3 Days
This package contains all five panels required to completely assemble the System Panel.System ..
Ex Tax: 339.00€
The X6-Electromod solution is housed on a single plywood panel (the System Panel) that fits snugly a..
Ex Tax: 161.00€
The Power Management Area Panel attaches to the System Panel (SP) and houses the CTEK power modules ..
Ex Tax: 54.00€
The Power Distribution Vertical Panel attaches to the System Panel (SP) and separates the Power Dist..
Ex Tax: 62.00€
The Power Distribution Top Panel attaches to the System Panel (SP) and houses the Circuit Breakers w..
Ex Tax: 27.00€
The Power Distribution Bottom Panel attaches to the System Panel (SP) and houses the BEP motorized s..
Ex Tax: 37.00€
Cable Pack Complete New
This package contains a grounding bus bar and all cables, looms, fuse boxes and plugs required for t..
Ex Tax: 574.00€
Cable Loom for the PowerPole#1 socket on the System Control Panel...
Ex Tax: 91.00€
Cable Loom for the PowerPole#2 socket on the System Control Panel...
Ex Tax: 65.00€
4 Point Terminal Busbar New
4 Point Terminal Busbar.Terminates all ground wires.Features:Multiple connection points, to accomoda..
Ex Tax: 56.00€
Anderson Powerpoles 45A New
Anderson Powerpoles 45AThese are used to replace the DC plug of the M300 charger.Two Powerpoles, of ..
Ex Tax: 4.90€
Cable connector between:GND Bus Bar & Chassis GND..
Ex Tax: 13.86€