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D250/AB-M300/P (HP-D250/AB-M300/P)

D250/AB-M300/P [Cables & Accessories HP-D250/AB-M300/P]

Cable connector between:

D250 AB +ve & M300 +ve

This cable has to be soldered directly onto the DC +ve output cable of the M300 charger, at the point where it passes right below the D250S module.
The M300 +ve cable is not severed here. Instead it is just striped locally to allow the soldering to take place.

The rest of the cable is allowed to continue until it attaches to the System Control Panel via the 2 Anderson Powerpoles.

Cable Attributes
Gauge (AWG)10
Length (cm)25
Maximum Current (A)55
[A] Lug diameter (mm)8
[A] Lug angle (°)0
[B] Lug diameter (mm)-
[B] Lug angle (°)-

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Tags: d250/ab-m300/p, cables, accessories, hallonpower

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